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"Shelton Wilder proved me wrong. When I first met her, I thought here we go, another real estate agent and yeah, she's nice and all, but can she sell a house. Ladies and gentlemen, I severely underestimated her. She is one of the most hard-working people I've ever met. Shes are also incredibly motivated. She walked into our house, looked around, and decided our place was an undiscovered gem. My husband agreed and from then on, they were unstoppable. I was thinking great, we have some dreamers trying to sell a house. Boy was I wrong. Let's just say our house sold for $200,000 more than listing price. We were ecstatic. She kept us thoroughly informed throughout the entire process. She is not one of those real estate agents that'll never call you. Her communication is excellent. I knew exactly what kind of prospects were interested in the house. We never had any radio silence with her. She was also so thoughtful. She gave my children a book as a gift, The Bernstein Bears Moving Day. Her ethics also knocked my socks off. She stayed loyal to us as sellers and always did what was best for us. We felt in charge of her guidance. She could've easily represented the seller and buyers for our house to make more money, but she didn't. She really is a class act. If you're looking for a ridiculously amazing real estate agent, look no further. Shelton is your gal. She really is top-notch and expects perfection when selling a house and also delivers perfection."

Melanie G.

"It is impossible to refer to Shelton Wilder as merely a realtor. Her insight, creativity, commitment, and marketing intelligence have gone so far beyond any other realtor I've ever worked with and there have been quite a few in my lifetime. Shelton is, in a word, brilliant. She has boundless talent in what she does and has brought selling houses to an entirely different level altogether. With regard to my house, she took it over from another realtor who had let it sit on the market for 3 months. Shelton had a vision of how my house would sell quickly and above list price and she brought her vision to fruition. My house was sold by the end of the day of the first open house. Seriously. Who does that? This was a house that, although people loved it, was going nowhere for 3 months. Shelton made my house shine, and she knew how to market it and create renewed interest. Buyers and sellers alike respond positively to Shelton because she is so optimistic, cheerful, responsive, and as opposed to many other realtors honest. I pat myself on the back that I was smart enough to hire Shelton when I had lost all hope. Shelton can sell your house I promise you that! If I could go into business with her, I would. Anyone should. As I have told Shelton, she could rule the world. And I hope she does! We'd all be luckier for it."

Cathy A.

"To date, I have never worked with someone who has more perseverance, dedication, and consistency than you. Your work ethic is the best around and your spirit is a bright light that has shot through me and that shines everywhere you go. You are not simply a real estate agent you are an incredible worker, an ambitious businesswoman, and a compassionate friend. Shelton, there are not enough words to thank you for your tireless efforts in helping my husband and I find a place to root down here in la. I am not just recommending you for any and all real estate needs people may have I am singing your god damn praises because you so deserve it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making one of my dreams come true. PS- F%ck yes we are homeowners!"

Samantha Harte

"Jen was excellent throughout our home buying experience. She was genuinely interested in what we were looking for and helped us find homes that met our (ever-changing) requirements. She also gave us unvarnished opinions about what she thought of the homes, which was very helpful when we were wondering if we were making the right decision for the right reasons. Jen had clear advice on the process and dealt with all of the many issues that came up to help us get everything done smoothly and quickly. She is also really nice and fun to be around, so was a great realtor in every way!"

Jillian London and Oliver Rocos

"I cannot imagine having a more helpful and conscientious real estate agent. Leah helped us step by step through any and all procedures, for example, something so basic as using Docusign. Leah is efficient, anticipates sellers' questions and needs, knows the ropes of her profession, and never seems like she is bothered or too busy to help a client for any reason. She is also very cheerful under all circumstances. I recommend her very highly. She is a class act in her field."

Judith Krieger

"Jennifer was excellent to work with for the purchase of our home. She is extremely friendly and has excellent communication. We found ourselves in a competitive offer process bidding against 4 other buyers and Jennifer’s strategic and thoughtful approach led to us securing our dream house. The team that supports her is also great and made the whole process feel seamless. We would highly recommend Jennifer Hawkins of the Shelton Wilder group."

Caroline and Adam Haskett

"Leah Josephson Smith deserves a thumbs up big time for her sensitivity, professional attitude, thoroughness, and conscientious can-do behavior as a realtor. My sister and I were very lucky to have been represented by her. She was always available to answer questions and be helpful in any way we needed her. She was thoughtful, enthusiastic, and did an excellent job selling our mom's condo in Beverly Hills. We are grateful."

Francie Hansen

"Jen is at the top of her game! She is so professional, always reachable and whenever you have a question, she has the answer. Not only is Jen amazing at her job, but she is such a joy to be around and has a wonderful demeanor at all times. I would highly recommend Jen and I'm so glad I chose her to help walk me through the process of buying my first home."

Sabrina Rivera

"Leah went above and beyond my expectations as an agent. Her positivity, responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to perform made this process both quick and enjoyable. I'd recommend her to anyone."

Aleese Orr

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